Slingshot has been an innovative leader in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software industry for over thirty years. During this time, we’ve invented and re-invented our products as technology shifted over the years. Initially, there were mainframe computers, and then there was a shift to client-server architectures. Now , Slingshot utilizes the Internet because of its accessibility and capability to enable online collaboration.

Slingshot's web-based enterprise business software solutions have helped hundreds of enterprises achieve new levels of growth. Our goal is to unlock the power of the internet to integrate your ERP software operations with those of your customers and suppliers, yielding greater competitive advantage for your business.

Slingshot's integrated applications are fully customizable and optimized for multi-channel enterprise organizations. We'll partner with you to ensure your enterprise software drives your business to the next level of efficiency, growth and profitability. You have complex and unique processes and requirements that set you apart from your competitors. Our software can adapt to your unique requirements – without custom programming.