SlopeViews provides complete immersive video production services.  From concept development to final dissemination, we work closely with you to create a custom 360° video experience that suits your needs.

Concept Development - The unique nature of spherical video requires innovative thinking and fresh ideas for each project.  During concept development, we will listen to your needs, share our vision, and work with you to develop a unique approach to your 360° video.  

Custom Collection - Our highly mobile camera crews can operate over any terrain on foot, on skis, or from any type of vehicle.  Stock footage may already exist, if not, we will devise a plan to capture exactly what you need for your immersive project.

Post Production – In the studio, we will write a custom stitching script that will ensure your video is seamless, then process the eleven video streams into a single hi-resolution file that is easily edited and manipulated.

Editing – This is where we cut, make adjustments for color and light, and insert additional audio or visual effects to create the conceptualized immersive video.  We can provide these services in-house, or collaborate with your creative team.

Dissemination - We will work with your existing website designer/programmer to integrate the immersive application into your website.  This includes installation of the Flash Player, ensuring existing server support, libraries, extensions, and testing.  Web hosting and web streaming are available, as well as CD, DVD or hard drive distribution.

Our services can help you empower your customers and engage new visitors with rich, interactive 3D video.  Strengthen your web presence and enhance your advertising with location based services, floating video ads, and the integration of meta-data with your video.  We recognize the importance and value of using a wide variety of video and audio presentation methods to deliver the best possible results
•     Build interactive, immersive maps of your ski, golf, or resort destination.
•     Showcase your facilities and venues with full motion immersive tours.
•     Create powerful sales tools for reservations and vacation bookings.
•     Document extreme sporting events and musical concerts.
•     Enhance situational and spatial awareness of any environment.
•     Streamline your planning and design operations.
•     Archive data for future use.

SlopeViews would like to help with any of your marketing, mapping, educational, or asset management needs. For further inquiry write to info@slopeviews.com.