SmartEats is a way of life! It is the path to nourishment of Body, Mind and Soul. We at SmartEats are very passionate about helping children, young adults, and adults of all ages eating healthier. And since snacking is big part of the unhealthy eating so we thought of starting there itself. You would agree that snacking is one of the guiltiest factors in making us unhealthy and keeping us that way.

    We all have experienced the 11 am and 4 pm cravings when only options available are Samosa and Patties in the office cafeteria. We sadly see our kids growing on the regular dose of biscuits and namkeens in the absence of better alternatives.

    We at SmartEats have started a movement towards making us and our children, healthier and happier. We have teamed up with well-known nutrition specialists to develop & find snacks which are Delicious, Unique and Healthy (DUH!!!). These snacks are 100% Natural, are made of whole grains, have balanced calories, high fiber with micronutrients intact. We AUTOMATE your healthy eating and take all the stress away of finding the right eats.

    We help you discover new snacks which are healthy but not boring. We deliver “DUH!!!” snacks to you as frequently as you want and as much as you want. . We are starting a Healthy Eating movement AND we are seeking your support to make this movement successful.

    We are currently only servicing people in NCR but hope to expand soon. We are creating more and more yummier and nutritious snacks and would love to hear from you at info@smarteats.in about what you would like to see in the SMART BOX.

We deliver what we promise