What We Do    

The concepts of creating a sustainable, successful business today are basically the same as how many successful business owners once used to grow their enterprises 50+ years ago. What has dramatically changed is ‘how’.  Primarily this is due to today’s cultural change, and of course, new technology advancements.

Smart Marketing Consulting takes the ‘classic tried and true’ business practices and incorporates 21st century on-line (and offline) proven techniques to create a thriving scalable, repeatable and profitable business, whether you have a product or service (or both in some cases).

In our initial meeting, we not only assess your business structure but most importantly the goals you desire to accomplish within the first 90 days, while planning ahead for your one year and three year goal marks.

Collaboratively, we look at your organization as a supply chain, reviewing the many different ‘buckets’ of a successful business strategy:  from Brand Management to your Marketing/Content Plan, to reviewing your offers and the launch sequence of your product/service to your target audience. We balance all these moving parts while not forgetting your digital marketing efforts that distinguish you as an authority in your specific niche. All of this comes together full circle creating current client retention and monetization.

Whether we identify a small ‘fix’ you can use in your current business model yielding new profits, or we create a large scale strategy yielding huge profits, it is important our teams work collaboratively to ensure you maximize results to your bottom line.

Creating value to you and your organization in each conversation is our mission.