The most effective, most fun, and best value in team building.

Smart Team Building is your easy one-stop shop for team building. Our specialists know the event or activity that will be perfect for your team. Our corporate programs are outrageously entertaining, cost $25/person or under, and can be customized just for you.

Our number one program is called an Interactive Adventure and you can think of it as Survivor meets The Amazing Race meets Candid Camera. Over the course of several weeks (or as a one time event), we transform the lives of your employees into the actions of covert operatives, all while they continue their normal work activities. Employees must work together, have fun, and learn to trust each other if they are to survive. Imagine receiving an email detailing suspicious behavior and international spies located right in your office. The task is simple; remain undercover and continue your normal work, complete any missions we may send, keep your eyes peeled, and try not to laugh too hard when you see other teams heading in completely the wrong direction! See why companies ranging from giants like IBM to small 8 person start-ups have used this program to turn their office into an incredible morale boosting adventure. A must for any organization!