The ability of living in a safe, healthy and clean environment should be accessible for all individuals. Introducing the SmartWash, a newly developed cost effective and fast phone sanitizing device which will sanitize almost 99.9% of bacteria and germs from mobile device in just 20 seconds. With its smart and simple design of this device which is uniquely based on UV technology, more efficient device cleaning is now within reach. SmartWash is introduced in Indiegogo revealing the product’s ultimate uses and features.
There are many instances that the phone gets dirty. If phone owners happen to squat over public comfort rooms holding their phone and rubbing this all over their face, expect for countless germs since the phone is ultimately dirty. Some individuals may not know it but average Smartphone has actually 20 times more harmful bacteria on it as compare to the flusher on average public restrooms.
It is therefore wise to clean mobile phone periodically. This is exactly where SmartWash comes in. This device is noted for its exclusive UV-C Light Sanitizing feature. The UV-C or the short-wave ultraviolet radiation is essentially used to destroy viruses, mold, bacteria and many other unwanted biological contaminants found in liquids, air and surfaces. The ultraviolet germicidal irradiation has been known to destroy same microbes causing pollution of indoor air. For several years, medical industry has utilized the UV light to sanitize equipment and rooms.
The SmartWash has the most outstanding features that phone owners can never find in other phone sanitizing product. This is 100% safe to any mobile device and work with all sizes and types of mobile phones. There are also multiple colors to choose from and this device is ultimately easy to use.
For those who wanted to keep their phones clean, the SmartWash is the perfect choice. This can sanitize phones in as short as 30 seconds. Phone cleaning has never been easier with SmartWash. This therefore play a vital role not just in keeping mobile phones clean but keeping mobile phone owners safe from unwanted bacteria that pose threats to their health and overall wellbeing. This product has been crafted ensuring more effective and safer phone sanitizing and was designed to give individuals the most enjoyable and smooth experience possible.