SnowBat is a new snowboard specific fitness training device. SnowBat attaches directly to an existing snowboard. By combining different attachment points for resistance bands the snowboard becomes the ultimate balance and fitness-training device.

The SnowBat is designed to provide the most intense snowboard specific balance, core strength, global strength, and endurance workout: all the skills necessary to snowboard.
As you work through the initial movements, you will be able to perfect your balance and find your legs. By clipping resistance bands on the toeside and the heelside, or any other combination, you can practice the subtle leg movements required for snowboard turning and carving. You can even practice the movements necessary to master the half-pipe and snowboard park, as well as get the feel for that deep powder sensation.

SnowBat will revolutionize how snowboarding is learned and mastered. Dr. Colin Rafferty, a chiropractor from Toronto, designed the SnowBat to prepare for snowboard trips. The average snowboarder rides 6 days a year. SnowBat will give riders the opportunity to practice their snowboard skills giving them opportunity to practice balance, core and global strength, endurance, flexibility, body awareness. We believe riders shouldn’t waste their precious days on the mountain finding their legs and relearning what they already know. By working out regularly on the SnowBat snowboarders around the world will be able to make the most out of their days on the hill.

A crowdfunding campaign has launched to raise money for this product. Visit http://igg.me/at/snowbat/x/3254060 for more information or to offer your support.