So-Vim, Inc., was founded by experienced network marketing professionals with the mission to create the most powerful, personal care products and dietary supplement company in the world. The company philosophy is simply, “Boundless Opportunities.”

The founders of So-Vim all shared the vision of a company built on the virtues of honesty, truthfulness and the courage to rigidly adhere to those policies.
We are committed to the use of science and evidence based nutraceutical ingredients, known to be of scientifically proven value in mankind’s’ daily diet. Our products consist of unique formulations that will utilize our proprietary and exclusive delivery technology to provide exactly what we say and more.

Our products have withstood the strictest tests by WADA (The World Anti-Doping Agency) and are currently undergoing a peer-reviewed clinical study. Our products are manufactured in the United States under the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard and meet or exceed the related laws and regulations governed by the state and federal governments’ Food and Drug Administration.

The founders have created a foundation and a synergy that allows distributors to trust that the company is standing firmly behind them on their journey as part of the So-Vim family.