Networking and building relationships, while revolutionizing the event photography industry.  SocialLight has broken down the walls of the traditional photo booth by bringing the custom photo shoot to events everywhere! SocialLight’s open-air set up encourages guests to get off of their phones and to interact with each other in a fun and glamorous setting all while entertaining the rest of the party!  This provides event goers with a fun and interactive experience by combining the intimacy of the traditional photo booth with the creativity and uniqueness of a commercial photo shoot.  

Who among us hasn’t dreamed about being center stage while a photographer clicks away? At SocialLight, we allow you to do just that! By creating a unique, open-air environment, you can have fun posing in front of the camera while your friends and peers watch with excitement! The SocialLight Experience uses technology in a way that encourages social interaction and brings back an intimacy to large events that has been missing for some time.

Created in 2012, the SocialLight Experience has continued to evolve in order to reflect the current trends in event entertainment. After two years of perfecting the experience, SocialLight is now offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to build their own SocialLight business with the SL-1 Capture System and a license deal known as The SocialLight Business Package. The SocialLight Business Package removes all of the guesswork from entering into the event industry and focuses on guiding you to build relationships with others in your community.