Some of the symptoms of social phobia;

Physical symptoms:
- A tendency to blush.
- A shaky voice and trembling of hands and feet.
- Sweating, mainly on the hands.
- Panick attacks.
- Muscular tension.
- Difficulty in breathing.Lack of air.

Cognitive symptoms - Thoughts- Thinking:
- The idea that you will cough, stutter or get stuck.
- Fear of being negatively evaluated.To think you are being judged or criticized by others.
- Negative thoughts such as “I´m going to make myself ridiculous”or “I shall get stuck and won´t know what to say”or “I´m sure they´re not interested in my opinion”.
- A feeling on unreality, of isolation.
- The feeling that everyone is staring at one.
- The belief that you are seen as anxious, weak, mad or stupid.
- A fear of meeting strangers.
- The belief that you are not able to act in a competent and adequate manner.
- Complete evasion of any social event.(isolation).
- Intense anxiety or fear in front of a group of people.
- A fear to show any symptoms of angst.

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