Socium Innovations LLC is seeking consulting and project-based work for supporting organizations that are in need of partners and subject matter experts. Socium Innovations works with our partners from initial project conceptualization through implementation as desired.  In addition, our consulting services provide organizations the opportunity to identify areas that can be optimized and transformed to be more efficient and provide significant ROI.

Socium Innovations was formed by a group of seasoned professional software executives, primarily from commercial and government health care, insurance and financial sector. Our partners are committed to working with small to large organizations and invest in the deployment opportunities leveraging seasoned professional staff members. Socium Innovations believes in a philosophy of partnership, including heavy onsite or offsite presence. Socium Innovations is privately funded with a high percentage of employee ownership leveraging a board of directors, ranging from the key management team to CEO’s and other company operators.  
Solutions and ROI

Our subject matter expertise lends itself not only to domain knowledge but software knowledge.  Because we thrive at all levels of the Software Development Life Cycle, it allows us to provide our clients value across all competencies.  Our consultants are skilled not only in their craft but in the ability to train and mentor client teams.  Whether it is augmenting a project effort or providing expertise our customers will reap the benefits of our professionals.

Organization Consolidation
With the growing number of health plans consolidating, Socium Innovations can evaluate and operationalize company's IT operations, technologies, and back office. Our partners have years of experience in the merger and acquisition space.

Project Execution
Socium Innovations are experts in the area of Project execution.  We understand that just delivering on time and on budget does not deem successful projects.  We ensure that our clients get the solution that they want and that it provides the ROI they need for success.  We do this through a proven methodology that engages the business every step of they way through deploying specific roles dedicated to business collaboration and engagement.  This ensures success at every level of the project.

Software Engineering
Whether it is Project or Product development, Socium Innovations, has the experience and expertise to deliver quality, efficient, and scalable solutions to our clients.  Our teams of technically savvy professionals are able to architect and craft software across multiple technical stacks to insure smooth and timely integration and implementations for our clients.

QA Automation
We understand efficiency when it comes to delivering quality software.  We implement test automation in every project that we execute.  We can offer this because we have automation professionals that have experience driving automation from inception through implementation.  We have the metrics to show the value and ROI.  This allows us to step in and guide our clients on how to enhance their current solution or to create the platform that they can execute from for years to come.

With experts in the field of software development and the deep domain of Socium Innovations, we offer training across all competencies. Onsite or offsite, we offer comprehensive and use case based training that can provide organizations an edge over the competition. Taking advantage of our consultants experience in a training environment, both initial and ongoing scales organizational leadership for success.  

Ongoing Service Agreements
At Socium Innovations, we offer an array of ongoing service agreements. Some examples include the following:

-     Executive, growth based, strategic advisors
-     Solution orientated sales and product marketing
-     Due diligence and integration consulting and services
-     Business requirement and architecture services
-     Software development and integration
-     Automated testing services
-     Management of hosting environments
-     Service level monitoring and alerts
-     Client relationship and account management
-     Production support