Socius Business Service was established in 2014, by Jacqueline Ratliff. The word “Socius” is a Latin term meaning partner.
Socius wants to partner with businesses and families to lend a helping hand with projects that matter. Socius is an affordable assistant, hired on an as- needed bases. Our goal at Socius is to provide quality, experienced help on daunting affairs.
No one should have the burden of struggling through jargon they don’t understand, shifting through hundreds of emails or missing an important call while they’re out of town.  Socius Business Service is an affordable alternative to hiring a pricey attorney or full time employee.
Our goal is to keep small businesses sustainable and offer the administrative help, to make life easier.
Our mission at Socius Business Service to do “good and well”. We want to do “good” for struggling families, small businesses, entrepreneurs, while doing “well” financially. Well enough to provide a decent life for our families.
Core Values: Courage, respect, integrity, excellence, service and compassionate corporate responsibility.
At Socius Business we provide “bid to building” administration for professional and personal.
Businesses could need the administration of Socius for everything from business start-up assistance, bookkeeping, progressive billing, research, project consulting or telephone answering. We do it all.
Personal needs vary family to family. At Socius we have Estate Planners, notaries, contract specialist and legal aid for pro- se court proceedings.
No one understands the weight of your needs like you do. In a world lead by monetary valves it’s important to have a trusted partner to navigate life’s events.
I know how difficult it can be to receive low cost, expert advice. Financial and legislative tasks can be scary. Let us provide you independence.  
In a world where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer; self-sufficiency and moderating task will be in high demand.
Socius Business Service is located in Southern California but can reach a worldwide market as we are a virtual company.