M&M Products Company is a pioneer in the ethnic hair care industry, established in 1973 by two young African-American pharmacists, who introduced the first product formulated to soften natural black hair.  M&M has since become an industry leader, with recognition in the mid-1980s as one of the fastest-growing companies on the Black Enterprise list.  Based in Atlanta and now privately owned by Iqbal and Yunus Kalla, M&M markets therapeutic and maintenance hair care and grooming products under the brand names Sofn'free, GroHealthy, Bump Patrol, Curly Perm, Easy Wave, and Salon Quality. Products sell in mass market retails, such as Walmart and Target, drug stores, grocers, beauty supply stores, and barber shops in every major African-American market and throughout Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.  For more information, visit mmproducts.com and bumppatrol.com.