SoftCo develop software solutions that reduce costs, streamline business processes and enable organisations to meet compliance obligations. SoftCo is a global organisation with offices in Dublin, New York, London and Johannesburg. Our clients' businesses vary, but their challenges are the same: old-fashioned or paper-based ways of handling information are causing delays, straining staff and wasting money. SoftCo have transformed the way these companies do business, delivering significant competitive advantage through streamlined business processes.

SoftCo’s R8 infrastructure technology helps companies remove inefficiencies in the way they handle, store, retrieve and share paper and information. SoftCo on-demand is a fully hosted service that automates everyday paper-based business processes such as Accounts Payable, Document Management and Human Resources. There are no capital costs, no IT costs, and no upgrade costs, just a simple monthly fee. With more information subject to scrutiny, Content Addressed Storage (CAS) has become the preferred storage medium for the long-term protection of fixed-content to assist organisations meet their legal and business obligations. StorLife is a completely hardware-independent CAS solution that delivers high-performance retrieval and full protection of information over its entire lifecycle.

The key difference SoftCo offers is a commitment to listen and learn about each organisation's unique business challenges, so that our solutions can start delivering benefits right away. Clients consistently cite this partnership approach as a principal reason they continue to work with SoftCo. Anyone can sell software aimed at solving a specific problem at a specific time, but SoftCo's philosophy is to develop a deeper appreciation of a business and how it works, even as its needs, budgets and priorities continue to change. SoftCo solutions grow and change as our clients' businesses change, for the challenges they face today, as well as tomorrow. SoftCo's award-winning solutions are trusted by some of the world's largest organisations including Sunny Delight, John Lewis, Argos and Logitech. Our on-demand and capture solutions allow companies of all sizes enjoy the same proven architecture.