Founded in 2002, Software Labs, Inc. delivers advanced data management solutions that are designed to increase business process efficiencies and improve business decision-making.  Its xFusion Studio suite of software products and other solutions enable businesses across industry to manage and use critical information swiftly, easily and affordably.  Software Labs is headquartered in Sacramento, CA, and currently serves customers and collaborates with partners in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  The company partners with several leading technology, reseller and service providers.  For more information, please call 916-773-6272 ext.130 or sales@softlabsco.com.

xFusion Express helps quickly access data from any business application and databases and export the data to Microsoft Excel and other file formats.

xFusion Migrator helps streamline data migration projects. It provides capabilities to profile and cleanse data. Over 150 transformation functions help convert the data into the desired format.

xFusion Automator helps automate data-driven business processes such as data synchronization, document processing from business partners, etc. Powerful scheduler supports timer-based as well as event-based actions.