Sojourner House and Sojourner House MOMS (Mentoring, Opportunity, Motivation, Spirituality) provide compassionate, faith-based residential recovery services to mothers and children in the Pittsburgh area.  We help addicted mothers learn to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and chemical abuse while rebuilding damaged relationships with their children.  Sojourner House believes women can shatter the chains of addiction and hopelessness when surrounded by what means most to them: their children.

Named for the great African-American preacher Sojourner Truth, Sojourner House was born in 1991 under the umbrella of East End Cooperative Ministries. Few rehabilitation programs existed for women in the early 1990s, with even fewer options available for addicted mothers and their children. Representatives from Pittsburgh’s social service community focused their efforts on this particularly needy population, and developed a comprehensive residential program to serve their needs. By 1994, the need for formalized treatment services was clear, and the program evolved into an independent residential rehabilitation center for addicted mothers with children, licensed by the PA Department of Health.

Since its inception, Sojourner House has provided love, shelter and support to hundreds of women working to overcome their addiction and rebuild their family.