SolCo Entertainment is a motion picture management company offering a full slate of services providing you, the filmmaker, with a true partner. No matter what stage your film is in, SolCo provides you with innovation and world-class solutions.

Our Film Lifecycle Management model includes consultation from script to screen; providing both creative and financial services specializing in Motion Picture Valuations, Sales Projection and Cash Flow Analysis, and Investor Procurement. Our team of experienced and talented professionals are adept in script development, production, marketing, distribution and producer services.

We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of tommorrow's entertainment technology. SolCo is a forward thinking company looking beyond the horizons to utilize emerging technologies and strategies. SolCo Entertainment's distribution and marketing platforms leverage these technologies in order to garner the the best return on your investment and give your film access to a global audience.

Through SolCo's staff executives and our vast industry network, we are confident that we can effectively meet your every need throughout your motion pictures lifecycle and provide quality leadership and vision necessary to make your film a successful venture.

SolCo Entertainment is a strategic film management company focused on cutting-edge distribution and exhibition techniques and strategies of the motion picture industry. The SolCo team is comprised of talented forward thinking strategists whose innovation, drive and world-class solutions are well regarded throughout the industry.

SolCo has positioned itself as a leader in independent filmed entertainment production, marketing, distribution, and film lifecycle management. We have developed a strong and diversified presence in motion picture marketing and management, video-on-demand, mobile and digital distribution, web development and producer representation. Under the leadership of Executive Officers Andy Salmen and Devin Halden, SolCo has successfully executed a business model that has included successful strategic partnerships with several studios and companies in the industry of film production, distribution and marketing.

Salmen and Halden, who have been integral parts of the success of Solstice Film festival in Minnesota, joined the company as Executive Officers, respectively, in January of 2009. Both have advertising, marketing and film production/distribution backgrounds. The duo bring with them a new and fresh film marketing and distribution paradigm. SolCo is positioned to continue successfully executing its strategic plan of continued organic growth of the Company’s core motion picture marketing and distribution and packaged media businesses while beginning the process of leveraging its content into new digital media platforms that represent an important element of SolCo’s future.

SolCo’s priority is to build a prolific and prestigious library in the filmed entertainment business through a combination of organic growth and accretive acquisitions. By only taking on select projects to champion each year, the SolCo business model is very pro-film and filmmaker.

The ease and access to new and emerging technologies has evolved the manner in which entertainment is distributed and thus, has transformed into a constantly changing marketplace. SolCo Entertainment strives to stay in front of the pulse of new media technology, execution and implementation. Through strategic partnerships with forward-thinking companies we have inside access to products and technologies before they come to market.