About SolarFieldsUK: Harvesting Natural Energy

•     SolarFieldsUK is the trading name of Renewable Energy Projects Limited. We are committed to developing the UK’s largest investment opportunity in Solar Energy by focusing on roof mounted installations and ground mounted arrays on fields of 1-20 hectares. Our EPC division, supported by Izen Energy Systems, who have 25 years of experience in renewable energy, will become one of the leading installer of Solar PV, as it already is in Belgium, with current contracts in excess of 100Mw.
•     We are looking for at least 1,000 sites across the UK over the first five years and will raise over £300m of investment from investors. The project will not stop there, if there is an on-going supply of site opportunities and appetite from investor to support the project.
•     Our five-year target is to install over 1,000,000 panels; we will fund or build on behalf of clients to achieve this goal.
•     Solar energy has been identified as the key technology in the renewable energy sector to deliver the Government’s target for renewable energy across the UK by 2020.
•     SolarFieldsUK will make available its high-quality EPC facility to anyone who would prefer to purchase a solar system outright.
• We will install ground mounted or roof mounted systems from 10Kw to 100Mw with top quality monocrystaline or polycrystalline panels with award winning inverters and innovative frame work. Uniquely we will provide a guaranteed yield and a full term guarantee with CCTV and real time monitoring. Our planning department will undertake applications on your behalf and negotiate with the DNO to complete connections. A total project management team will ensure that your investment is successful at a competitive price.
•     Finance up to 100% is available subject to status.
•     Renewable energy is vital to the sustainability of life on planet earth and we now have the technology to harvest
the natural energy of the sun here in the UK. Energy can be generated efficiently on cloudy days, in freezing temperatures and almost anywhere in the UK.