Solar Flair Lighting offers smart solutions for solar lighting and more.  

The advantages of solar power and solar lighting are clear and our wide range of product categories show the variety of solar lights and solar products available today. Solar lights can accent your landscape, gardens, patios, decks and pathways. Solar lamps or solar lamp posts add warmth and safety to entrances, while solar spotlights and floodlights let you easily add security lighting.

We also offer a broad range of solar products such as battery chargers, solar street lights, solar water features (pumps and fountains), humane pest control, emergency lights, and more.  Along with solar and clean energy toys and games for children of all ages, we offer customer interior lights handcrafted in the US and gardening equipment.  

Free shipping is provide for all products except our Solar Street Lights, and we offer discounts for products purchased in large quantities.  For information, please call (866) 686-6903 or email Info@SolarFlairLighting.com.