One day my buddy, Jeremy, who was stationed overseas writes this blog meant for his personal friends and family members listing all of these things that he (and his soldier buddies) wished they could get their hands on while over in Iraq. So I decide to be patriotic and take care of this guy who’s taking care of me by defending our country. I am ashamed to admit that by the time I realized that I would have to spend an entire weekend running around to grocery stores, sporting goods stores, shoe stores, and specialty retailers; not to mention the intimidating thought of trying to navigate the intricacies of an international waybill just to ship the stuff... I gave up.

There must be a better way! More importantly, there must be thousands of other well-intentioned buddies, brothers, sisters, mom’s, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins who would gladly support their loved ones away from home—if only it wasn’t so hard. SoldierSend.com was born with the sole intention of making it easy for regular working people like me to directly support some of the most important people in this nation—those defending it.

-- Mick Garrison, Supporter & CEO


Key benefit #1: Disparate and varied items all ship together. There are many stores and websites selling the same items that we offer, but most well-intentioned Supporters often don’t have the time to hunt them all down and Soldier’s don’t have time to track down multiple shipments and packages sent from different destinations and shippers.

Key benefit #2: Confusing shipping procedures are made simple. In the past, shipping to military bases or overseas destinations was confusing, complicated, and full of doubt. Because many of the items purchased are right off of a Soldier’s registry, the Soldier has most often registered their current and correct shipping address, making it easy for Supporters to check out with confidence, knowing that we’ll handle the paperwork for them—and that’s all we do, all day, every day!

Key benefit #3: Tailored item selection makes shopping fast and easy. Ideally Supporters can send Soldiers the things they have actually asked for, via their online registry…but even without the Soldier’s advice, Supporters can have confidence that the items offered at SoldierSend.com have been chosen after much careful research and countless Soldier’s requests. Rather than offer every boot ever made—we offer you the ones that are best, according to real soldiers with real needs.

Key benefit #4: Soldiers with limited computer time can blog, share photos, and communicate with Supporters at home. This is a great way for Soldier’s to share their very real needs with their loved ones and also a great way for Supporters and Soldiers to just keep in touch without having to waste precious computer time logging in to multiple sites. SoldierSend.com is an online community of Soldiers and Supporters of our troops.

Key benefit #5: Everybody wins. Soldiers get more of what they want because it is finally easy for Supporters all over the U.S. to support our troops!


We are driven by two things: That soldiers around the world can lead happier lives while serving, and that anyone willing to support them can do so easily and directly. Our ultimate goal is to make it simple to ship ANYTHING to ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world. While there are many websites that can sell things and ship things, our specialty lies in our focus on the recipient’s needs first and foremost. We have built a platform wherein a Soldier (or really anyone for that matter) can easily shop from a simple and specially tailored list of items derived from our LISTENING to their needs. They can then easily tell their loved ones what it is they need, allowing friends, family, or even complete strangers to share in the joy that comes from directly serving those who are serving us.

We are not a charity asking for donations, only to spend a large portion of those donations operating and marketing our charity—we are simply a place where people living away from home can let their support group know what they need, and Supporters can support them directly. We are a small but growing company and we promise to continually improve our offering and service by listening to the Soldiers and Supporters who are our sole reason for existing. Some of us have been soldiers ourselves and all of us truly believe in this mission. If there is anything we need to add to our offering, or anything that we need to do better, please do not hesitate to make suggestions here. Thank you for supporting our troops!