Commodity Corporation Pty Ltd (C-Corp) is behind the Solomons Gold brand and grows its own cacao beans in the Solomons Islands hand-in-hand with the local Solomon Islanders. C-Corp has complete control of its Solomons Gold cacao, from planting the seedlings and harvesting, fermenting and grading the beans, to the roasting, winnowing, conching, refining, tempering and packaging of Solomons Gold chocolate at its New Zealand MPI-certified factory in Tauranga. C-Corp is making a meaningful contribution to the resurgence of cacao exports from the Solomon Islands. The funding and training opportunities we provide are helping to make cacao production in the region more productive and sustainable. By helping the local people to improve nursery management, variety control, crop rotation and general good plant management, we’re contributing positively towards their well-being today, and ensuring our cacao plantations are young, healthy and productive for them in the future. Just as the key to great coffee flavour is the combination of quality beans and how they’re roasted, the key to great chocolate is in the beans and the roasting. The delicious distinctive flavour of Solomons Gold chocolate is generated from the perfect growing conditions and naturally-organic environment of the Solomons, where C-Corp grows its special varietal selection of Amelonado and Trinitario cacao trees. We batch-roast our Solomons Gold cacao beans ourselves in Tauranga to our exacting standards. Our chocolate is made as nature intended. We leave in all of the natural goodness of cacao, and add only sweetness. This simple, natural recipe gives our chocolate its unique, quality taste. We don’t use additives, dairy, gluten or nuts. Our chocolate tastes really good, it’s good for you, and it’s doing good for the people of the Solomons.