Solutions Overseas started assisting overseas property owners and developers in early 2008 after the downturn in the overseas property sector saw many real estate agencies close their doors, therefore leaving many property owners without guidance through and beyond the completion of their properties. This also left many developers in limbo when it came to direct client contact and rental solutions. We immediately saw a gap in the market for a company like ours and started our company Solutions Overseas.

Our teams of experts who have worked in these specialised industries have over 40 years combined experience in the servicing of overseas properties and therefore know best how to ensure the completion and rental of your property goes as smoothly as possible. Our links into the biggest travel operators in the world give us a huge lead in this highly competitive industry, therefore ensuring we offer you the most comprehensive and competitive tools in the industry.

We very much hope you choose to utilise our services and we guarantee no other company will offer the level and quality of service that we can offer.