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SomeGoodAdventure.com is the first all-inclusive news, information and entertainment source for Canadian adventure. Previously, a search for adventure news would force users to scour adventure sport websites, forums, specific regional news outlets, and other various sources. Now there is a hub, SomeGoodAdventure.com.

SomeGoodAdventure.com also covers adventure news and entertainment from our border regions, adventure destinations, and noteworthy international adventure news. Users will range from weathered adventurers keeping up on the latest news to tourists from Europe researching a Canadian adventure holiday.

News stories range from a first ascent rock climbing route in Canadian climbing mecca Squamish, BC to an article of the first person to row Canada’a Northwest Passage in a single season. Other news stories range from following a lost hiker’s unfolding saga, to the results from the Canadian Surf Film Festival. One news article reports the growing winter (ski) kiteboarding scene on the Prairies, and another on bear safety. Another type of news story might feature a specific location such as Reversing Falls in NB.

Typical entertainment stories range from an amalgamation of the annual fall ski and snowboard movie trailers, a collection of photographs from kiteboarding event on Lake Huron, Ontario. Interviews with notable Canadian adventurers such as, the award winning ski and bike photographer Jordan Manley’s latest trip to Kashmir, India or Colin Zacharias, Technical Director of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides. Monthly book reviews on various adventure related books from Canada and around the world will round out a varied mix of topics.