Sonali Solar is a leader in the photovoltaic market arena with an unprecedented reputation. We are committed to providing a superior product, timely delivery and exceptional customer service. As a manufacturer of photovoltaic modules we can ensure that our clients receive a highly efficient product along with excellent pricing. We are dedicated to quality, innovation and improved efficiency as we pursue solar energy expansion around the world.
Sonali Solar is a global company, with customers in the US, Asia-Pacific and European markets. Our corporate headquarters is located in northern New Jersey and we own and operate a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India. Our management team has a proven track record of success in business, with decades of business experience drawn from our parent group of companies that have been in business since 1965.
Sonali Solar Benefits
 Exceptional Customer Care
 Competitive Pricing
 High Product Efficiency
 Guaranteed Product Reliability
Our Mission
To work towards establishing solar energy as a primary source for all commercial and residential properties throughout the US. This is an opportunity for each community to use a clean renewable energy as their main source of electricity. We don’t need to rely on unsustainable fossil fuels any longer, now is the time to thrive on the planet’s abundant supply of renewable energy. This will not only transform our economy but will ensure a brighter future for the next generations.
Global Awareness
Sonali Solar recognizes the importance of creating awareness about the use of renewable energy sources. We help to bring light to this topic by participating in solar industry exhibitions around the world. We believe that it is important to engage our consumers and give them access to our company, and that it is our responsibility to educate our consumers on the PV modules that best fit their project needs.
Why Sonali Solar?
Sonali Solar is committed to making solar energy affordable for every single consumer. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to meet our clients’ expectations. This includes our global team of qualified experts and engineers who make sure that our modules produce the maximum power per square foot.
We take great pride in our work and will make sure that each customer receives the finest service, care and products. Our goal is to provide a highly efficient product with exceptional customer service. By associating with Sonali Solar you are partnering with an expert team of professionals with a proven track record of success.
Company Goals
 Innovate and supply PV modules for a better environment
 Operate a first-class manufacturing facility to continually meet demand
 Continue to provide high performing modules at a competitive price
 Conduct on-going research and development to improve our product’s quality
 Conduct on-going training to ensure our team has full product knowledge
 Maintain long-term customer relationships
 Continue growing in new and emerging markets
 Expand Sonali Solar into an internationally recognized brand
Address: 39 Walker Ave., Closter, NJ 07624 Telephone: 201-297-1177
Email: info@sonalisolar.com Website: www.sonalisolar.com
Production Capacity
We are one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic modules in India. Our state-of-the -art manufacturing facility is automated to ensure product quality. We have a 50MW capacity and we plan to add another 40 MW automated line by 2013.