Introducing SongSplits

Every single year, more than one billion dollars in income is delayed or forfeited by songwriters and music publishers due to their inability to confirm and/or
demonstrate their ownership interest in songs.

The current market solution to this problem is an often unstructured, time-intensive process of telephone calls, emails and circulating documents attempting to validate song splits as proof or rights to a writer or publishers share of this revenue. An increasing amount of time by publishers or publishing companies is spent 'tracking down splits' requiring a human resource cost as a cost center for these publishers.ΚΌ

Enter SongSplits. SongSplits.com is a songwriter-focused, web-based platform that captures and verifies song split information directly from songwriters and manages that information for publishers and copyright collecting organizations.

As a result, the Company has created a simple and universal process for songwriters to submit and declare their ownership in created works while simultaneously enabling publishers and music societies to execute on their core business: claiming music royalties and distributing those royalties to their songwriters.

Visit SongSplits at www.songsplits.com to learn more.