Growing up in a 30 year old family business on 5th Avenue in New York City, supplying Antique and Rare Persian Rugs to some of America’s finest homes, it is not surprising that Anoush and Avisha Hendiazad developed an interest in fine design. While still studying medicine and neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh, Anoush suggested to her father that an exclusive furniture assortment would complement their first-class rug collection.

After completing a summer project of putting together the furniture assortment for a location in Back Bay Boston, Massachusetts, Anoush found a new love and interest in home furnishing design. She then joined the business full-time working and manufacturing exquisite pieces for the galleries and discriminating clientele. Anoush quickly established an extensive network of artisans in Italy and Spain to expand their elegant range of products that became the primary focus of the showrooms. By early 2000 the family had multiple showrooms dedicated to hand crafted furnishings, rugs and accessories from around the world.

In 2002, Avisha Hendiazad, Anoush’s younger sister, joined the company after completing her studies in Management Information Systems, MIS at George Mason University. With the groundwork and relationships created by the family business and the hopes for continuing the legacy, Sorelle® –meaning “sisters” in Italian, was born. The dream for Sorelle was to build on the foundation created by Anoush and Avisha’s father and continue the business by sharing their expanded and exquisite collections to buyers around the world.

The success of Sorelle® was immediately established through nationwide sales of their collectible home accessories brand in the United States to include a coveted spot as a core home brand on the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Sorelle is also present in the Canadian market as their line of home accessories and jewelry, Belle by Sorelle®, is featured on The Shopping Channel. Sorelle’s mantra is as classic and timeless as the collections they create… “The antiques of yesterday inspire our collections of today to become your antiques of tomorrow”.