We’re simple guys. But, we’re not the type to turn our backs on a challenge. In fact, we’d rather go head-to-head with it, pulverize it, and then pour ourselves a celebratory cocktail that we sure as hell aren’t going to mix ourselves.
Look, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, but we’ll fight ‘til the bell tolls to stand on top of the competition. This means not compromising on tradition, going the extra mile to obtain the perfect ingredients, and fine-tuning our process to create an uncommonly classic cocktail.
We’re fueled by skepticism. Hell, we were skeptics, ourselves. We can’t bottle an old fashioned, we thought. And then just when we needed him, there was that devil on each of our shoulders, daring us to accept our own challenge.
You might think we set ourselves up for defeat by attempting to remake Wisconsin’s headlining cocktail. After all, Wisconsinites are hypercritical of their brandy old fashioneds, so we knew it wouldn’t be enough just to make it; we’d have to go for the knockout. But, we also knew that if anyone understood spirits and Wisconsin’s penchant for quality drinks, it was us. Perfecting that bad boy was our rite of passage into creating SoulBoxer Cocktail Co.
SoulBoxer is a premium mix of skepticism and what if, blended with a determination to demolish the status quo. Our expertise guides our judgement on what pure, honest ingredients to include in our recipes, so you know you’re drinking the real stuff—not some froufrou bullshit.
Turns out, we’ve got more depth than we thought. Just like our cocktails.