Life and Business Coaching on Horseback!  
Horses are beautiful, strong and gentle animals. They are both prey and herd animals and offer an exquisite combination of sensory awareness and fulfillment.  Horses have no agenda or no status. It makes no difference to the horse who you are. The horse only knows what it perceives from the client. They have an uncanny ability to "know" and "mirror" your truest feelings.

Through the horse, clients have the opportunity to become more self-aware.  Horses live in the "present," in the "moment," and are completely authentic.

The benefits of a person of this day and age to spend time with the horse are endless. People are inside more often than out. Most people are not outside more than a few minutes a day! Spending time with nature outside with a horse automatically causes some people to feel more calm and at peace.

I provide retreats for women, couples, families and business teams.  I have over 50 games I can play with people and horses!   All my retreats are custom, not one is like any other.  I specialize in providing personal retreats for women.  During a personal retreat, the entire agenda is based upon that woman's particular needs.  

I have several locations my clients can choose from including a full bed and breakfast horse ranch, my cabin in the North Georgia Mountains, cabins with horseback riding along with other activities such as Ziplines, boating, hiking and more.  

I am not a counselor or therapist.  I specialize in helping people bring out their best and look forward to the future with anticipation of what lies ahead for them.  We work together to do many types of activities that support their goals.  

Feel free to contact me today with any questions or if there is anything I can do to help you!  My direct phone is 770-843-9056 and my email is Teresa@SoulDIscoveryonHorseback.com.