It usually takes a well-funded scientific breakthrough or an overwhelming catastrophe to facilitate change that truly makes a difference.  People are slow to embrace new scientific information because anything fundamentally different from the status quo scares them.  Although a major upheaval forces transformation, people don’t always adjust willingly.  The most profound and permanent way to cause a shift in perception is through life experience. If you lived it, then it becomes part of your reality.  
Today we are being challenged by a deteriorating sick-care system; our own failing health; and the lack of quality health care for ourselves, our families and our clients.  We have more autism, more heart disease, more arthritis, more diabetes, more auto immune disease, more insulin resistance, and more high blood pressure than ever before.  The list seems endless with no hope in sight.  
We have mandatory, uninsurable, tainted vaccinations that have been shown to cause a long list of ailments. We have laws being passed that deny us the right to hold accountable the drug companies that use us as guinea pigs and cause irreparable harm. We have insurance companies and managed care facilities that make decisions with our own money (premiums they have charged us) as to whether or not we can receive services, which physician we must utilize, what lab tests are allowed.  In no other service organization is the person who is paying for the service so abused and ordered about so thoroughly and reprehensively.  These companies are run with the $$$$$$$ in mind, not quality health care.  There is something inherently wrong with the idea that profit is more important than health.
Resistant strains of pathogens, nosocomial and iatrogenic diseases are rampant.  We are threatened with bird flu, swine flu, SARS, MRSA, flesh eating bacteria and unrestrained STD’s.
Neither the government nor the private sector has proposed any acceptable stabilizing solutions as to how to solve the problems. But the answer may be right under their noses, literally.
BioAcoustic Biology proposes that the body is managed by a series of frequency commands from the brain that can be displayed and quantified as biomarkers using the established protocols of Vocal Profiling.   Three decades of hard fought research has proven the efficacy of this approach and has allowed the development of software that can reveal the math-based frequency biomarkers of an individual’s vocal patterns and architectures.  
Years of data collection have established the tenet that “Persons with similar issues, traumas, pathogen exposures, diseases, genetic syndromes…have similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies. Since this foundation has been established, many nationally known organizations have been quick to pick up the gauntlet and run with the idea in an endeavor to create a new wellness modality that incorporates Math as Medicine.
 a project was completed for the US Army by the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology which dealt with acoustic blast brain damage in combat zones.  MIT has been awarded a bit over a billion dollars to attempt to manage soldiers using vocal parameters originally established by Sharry Edwards, et al.
Recently the Mayo Clinic established a relationship between vocal analysis and heart issues.  We already knew this relationship existed and already had created a software, Heart Tracker© that could easily and quickly evaluate clients but MIT as the funds and expertise to take that particular issue much.  The Mayo Clinic provided a statistically Proof of Concept while we were only able to provide actual proof by client outcomes;  Regulating heart rate, improved oxygenation using not only our diagnostic software but our frequency based brain entrainment capabilities as well.
Zyto Corporation has been using the ideas of Vocal Analyis for some time.  They are sharp marketers and have nearly cornered the medical market using 8000 vocal biomarkers that have been released.  We have nearly 200,000 biomarker correlates that are being used and compared for use on our Sound Health WorkStation:  Sound HealthPortal.com
A determined woman dedicated to the idea that our voices hold information about us has provided proof that our voice is a holographic representation of all that we are.  She and a handful of dedicated souls have opened the doors to create a medicine of the future.
Edwards state that she quickly realized that “who every control health, control the quality of life”.  She wants that control to belong to the people.  That is why she has worked long hours for no pay.  She puts health above wealth so that our future can be preserved.