For over 40 years, Soundview has been at the leading edge of professional development. We take concepts from top business resources and condense them down into informative leadership and management training materials. Soundview’s content will empower you and your employees to learn more in less time.

At Soundview we use a multimedia approach to provide the most comprehensive learning solutions. You will have access to top quality business content with an extensive array of formats, allowing you to learn at any time and on any device.

Our Executive Book Summaries have continually formed the foundation of our content library. We review thousands of business titles each year, and select only the top books to be condensed into easy-to-read text and quick-listen audio summaries. These summaries are then augmented with additional reviews, interviews, author articles, and live webinars with the top minds in business.

Soundview’s library also offers hundreds of impactful and informative training videos. These range from short, five-minute tips that teach everything from business basics to specific skill sets, to full online courses with expert instructors. Our content is versatile, concise, and impactful - everything you need to unlock your full career potential.

Simply put, Soundview’s Content Library brings the most innovative and informative business content right to your fingertips. You will learn more in less time, allowing you to apply what they’ve learned quickly and efficiently.

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