The wedding and party band that’s got it all

SouthWest is the Dordogne’s leading live wedding band. With an unbeatable five-hour set list of dance floor-filling songs, superb musicians fronted by an outstanding British vocalist, a sound and light system for venues of all sizes, and plenty of party tricks, this is the band you’ve been looking for. If you are planning a wedding, party or event in Aquitaine, watch the 10-minute rockumentary on our youtube channel to get a feel for SouthWest then book the band today.

You will notice in the video that all the songs are performed live with no overdubbing or post production. Which means when you book SouthWest, you can look forward to a live band that performs all the great songs you want, the way you want to hear them. Make sure you check out the band’s SoundCloud channel, too, for more clips from the perfect French wedding party band. Then keep up with (virtually) all the latest development on Facebook, Google+ and twitter.

The Dordogne’s leading musicians

Driving the sound of SouthWest is the rhythm section of Thierry (on bass) and Gérard (drums). Two of the loveliest people you could want to meet, they have played together for over 30 years in a musical marriage that’s included touring rock bands, traditional folk bands, soul bands and many more. But both admit that SouthWest is “the one”. They bring a genuine love of performance and incredible stamina to SouthWest – ideal in a band that often plays encores of over an hour.

Lead guitarist Eric and keyboard player Alex fill out the sound, without the need for backing tracks. Having played and recorded in numerous bands, including together in Dordogne soul band STAX, they have all the styles, skills and dexterity a live band needs. Essential, with songs from The Beatles, Van Morrison, The Commitments, Smash Mouth, Supergrass, Stevie Wonder, Creedance Clearwater, Tom Jones, The Eagles, Rolling Stones and many more on the carefully chosen set list. Alex and Eric also provide the backing vocals for SouthWest’s not-so-secret weapon…

The Glenn factor

It is frontman Glenn’s voice that makes SouthWest the Dordogne’s leading wedding, party and event band. Powerful and soulful, Glenn doesn’t just perform great cover versions of classic songs – he makes them his own. After many years leading bands, at weddings, parties, events and all manner of celebrations, Glenn knows where and when to change the set list during a concert – to warm the audience, give everyone a break, or invite people up on stage for some good-natured audience participation. At the end of every night, he is surrounded by people singing his praises – and receives gushing reviews long after the gig is over.

Events outside Aquitaine

SouthWest mainly plays weddings, parties and events in and around the Dordogne. But the band is prepared to travel to other parts of France. Please give the location of your wedding or party when you contact the band, and Glenn will get back to you in person. SouthWest is a friendly, bilingual, wedding band that believes in the personal touch. So you will deal with the band itself every step of the way. Because no booking agent is involved, SouthWest can keep the cost low – and offers a number of wedding packages to suit every budget.

The band’s surprisingly reasonable fee includes all the equipment the band needs: an excellent sound system, lighting rig, rack of effects, smoke machine and everything else that makes a SouthWest show an evening to remember.

You will appreciate that SouthWest can only play a limited number of weddings, parties and events each week. So book early to make sure you get the band you want on your big day.