After 16 years as a retail store in Reno, Nevada (September 11, 2001 – November 30, 2016), and 13 years at our coin shop in Las Vegas, Southgate Coins has now transitioned into an entirely Internet-based business. In November 2016, store owners, Rusty and Marie Goe, were forced to shut down their brick-and-mortar store on South Virginia Street, because their landlord refused to renew their lease because the landlord had leased the space occupied by Southgate Coins to a Dental Management Services Organization, Absolute Dental.

For years, Southgate Coins and Collectibles has been recognized nationwide as the premier source for rare Carson City coins. We will strive to emulate that same status through our e-commerce website. Although we no longer have a museum-like showroom with display cases full of interesting U.S. coins and paper money, or walls covered with nostalgic images, newspaper articles, and historic wall hangings, we are still here, assisting the Northern Nevada community with their rare coin needs.

Over the past three decades and more, the Goes (Rusty & Marie) have helped hundreds of collectors in their collecting pursuits, and have guided hundreds of sellers through the process of liquidating their rare coins and other collectibles. There is no reason for that to end now that they no longer have a retail store.

What we do:


Specializing in everything related to the Carson City Mint, Rusty Goe has assisted collectors in building some of the finest sets of "CC" coins in history. He has placed some of the scarcest and most celebrated pieces from that legendary Nevada institution with his clients. Rusty was the chief architect for the historic Battle Born collection of Carson City coins, which sold for $10 million in August 2012, and included the prestigious 1873-CC Without Arrows dime and quarter.


Rusty has also teamed with collectors to build some of the finest sets of Standing Liberty quarters. The Nevada Collection of Standing Liberty quarters is currently listed in the PCGS Registry Sets as the highest ranking set for several years, and in the top five sets of all time. Building sets of coins in any category from the U.S. series is his passion in the field of numismatics.


Southgate Coins has always believed that an educated client is a satisfied client. You won’t find a numismatic company anywhere that is as dedicated as Southgate Coins is to answering questions of and interacting with clients.

Rusty Goe is an author, a researcher, a historian, a lecturer, and a mentor.

In 2004, Goe's book, The Mint on Carson Street: An Enthusiast's Guide to the Carson City Mint, won Book of the Year honors from both the Professional Numismatist's Guild and the Numismatic Literary Guild. In July 2007, Goe released his second full-length book, titled James Crawford: Master of the Mint at Carson City – A Short Full Life. It is a biography of the fourth superintendent at the Carson City Mint. The NLG honored it with its Extraordinary Merit award.

Goe’s articles have appeared in numerous publications, many of them receiving prestigious awards.


Rusty and Marie Goe have appraised and purchased millions of dollars’ worth of rare coins and currency from the public over the years. If you have a collection that you want to sell, feel free to contact them, by using contact request e-mail on this website.


We specialize in doing appraisals for banks, lawyers, trust and estate departments, government agencies, and individuals. Please contact us through our website at www.southgatecoins.com to learn how we can help you.