Solar Power - Fully Licensed and Reasonably Priced - Free Estimates

If you've been considering solar energy - now is the time to convert your home to clean, renewable power.

Call 951-300-8354 for a free on site estimate - $50 value
Or visit www.southlandsolarnow.com to receive a preliminary estimate by e-mail.

The decision to go solar is a big step.  We know you want a reliable partner to walk you through the process.  Southland Solar offers full service from design, permitting, installation, to rebate paper work, we're with you every step of the way.

Our qualifications include:

* PV training with APT - an accredited electric power industries training provider
* North American Board of Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) entry level certification
* 10 year guarantee on workmanship
* Licensed, Bonded, and Insured - CL#932002
* Competitive pricing
* High efficiency products
* Friendly, helpful service

Solar Power is a Sound Financial Investment:

- Local and Federal incentives can cut the cost of installation in half. Most systems will pay for themselves in as little as seven years.
- Eliminate or reduce your electric costs while utility companies continue to increase rates.
- Increase property value up to $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills, with out increasing property taxes.

Solar is Low Maintenance:

- Solar power systems have no moving parts, meaning low maintenance and a longer life for your power generator.
- Standard 25 year product warranty, 10 year workmanship warranty.
- Photovoltaic (PV) systems emit zero green house gases that cause global warming.
- Your system will be connected to the power grid with no expensive or bulky battery storage...and it's quiet.

Extra Incentives from Southland Solar:

- We will pay you $300-$500 every time we install a PV system for someone that you have referred.
- Mention this site and we will pay your solar permit fees - up to $400 - when you install a PV system with us.