Spa Communications provides consultancy services to businesses and not-for-profit organisations to help them communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.

So, if you feel you could use extra eyes to have an objective look at your messaging and communications strategy, that could well be Spa Communications.  Just as it could be Spa Communications managing your press relations, your ad creation, your information gathering or your online activities.

Our difference, firstly, is that our approach will be driven intelligently by your business objectives and your marketing communications strategy. Secondly, by the scope of our experience, which extends from major international corporations and agency groups to smaller and more specialised trade and technical operations. And thirdly by the identification and pursuit of those channels of communication which are jointly deemed most appropriate and cost effective for developing and communicating your brand.

We believe in the value of relationships.  We like what we do. What's more, we like the people for whom we work.  We believe that what we bring to your business should be considered and professional, as well as engaging and fun. We like to work with clients who are of a similar mind; business is, after all, hard enough these days.