Space-Time Research provides analytics and visualization software solutions for organizations that deliver data, data services, and official statistics. Our SuperSTAR™ suite of software empowers organizations with the highest levels of data transparency, accountability, and security.

Our products enable organizations' users and customer communities, from highly technical to casual, to easily access, analyze, visualize, and publish information and make effective, informed decisions.

The high speed, self-service, and confidentiality capabilities of Space-Time Research’s web-based applications support easy and secure access to extremely large amounts of valuable and confidential information. SuperSTAR™ also addresses the demand for direct access to microdata and unit records with assured privacy protection and security.

Space-Time Research provides easy, fast, safe, and cost-effective data dissemination solutions for education, welfare, transportation, tourism, health, crime, criminology, and homeland security departments. Space-Time Research creates partnerships with our customers and with providers of complementary solutions, technologies and services for our customers. Offering speedy and successful professional services, implementation, and support, Space-Time Research is recognized and respected as a global provider of solutions for data providers.

Customers include the most advanced National Statistics Organizations such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, US Bureau of Census, Swedish Census Bureau, Statistics Austria, and the South Africa Census Bureau.