“We start our businesses because we are passionate about what we do. Then we realize how much there IS to do! So many hats to wear. So many skills to learn. My goal is to help entrepreneurs improve their skills, efficiency and effectiveness on the back-office, time stealers, so they have more time to work on their passion.”

Space4U,llc is 5 years old. Sue’s corporate career spanned 20 years prior. She was a troubleshooter – called in when a department needed to be reorganized, refocused or redone completely, or when a new department or team was required. During her corporate career, Sue won national and regional awards in quality, continuous improvement and customer service.

Her background includes client services, project management, technical product management and cross-functional team management. She left at the VP level and started Space4U, with a focus on creating space in one’s life for what matters – at home and in our businesses. She holds an MBA from Babson College and a BA from Smith College.

As a certified professional organizer(R), she is certified by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. Currently, there are just 350+ organizers in the U.S. who have passed this credential. She has received certificates from two national organizations, in coaching in an organizing context, as well as working with people who have ADD or are chronically disorganized. She is a 2009 candidate for the Certified Organizer Coach credential.