SpaceRyde is building a network of smart rockets in space that provide on-demand cargo transportation from the Earth to the Moon and everywhere in between, offering a private Uber-like service for cargo in space. This network forms the logistical infrastructure needed to accelerate space development, unlocking trillions of dollars of value for the new space economy.

At the core of SpaceRyde's business is the belief that the development of the new space economy shouldn't come at the cost of our planet. We've developed the world's only sustainable launch system that transports the rocket above the atmosphere, protecting the ozone layer and reducing the environmental impact on Earth. Additionally, SpaceRyde’s smart rockets are equipped with enhanced kick stage technology that allows them to have a life beyond their initial mission, allowing them to become the logistical infrastructure needed to support continuous innovation in space without contributing to the space junk crisis.

Headquartered in Canada, SpaceRyde's facilities are the country's first and only rocket factory and rocket testing facility. To learn more about SpaceRyde, visit www.spaceryde.com.