SpaceUnited improves life through space exploration. To accomplish this, we will promote, develop, operate, acquire, and/or lease our own fleet of spacecraft in a safe, sustainable, and competitive way for use in humanitarian initiatives, as well as, develop life-improving resources which advance science, make outer space accessible to the general public, and expand the human voyage.

Throughout history, humankind has made some remarkable accomplishments when we’ve stood united. Two of the ongoing journeys that have inspired this resolve have been space exploration and humanitarian efforts.

In 1969, the world watched and cheered as Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the Moon. Similarly, in the last decade alone the world has rallied around Americans, Haitians, and the Japanese to help them recover from their respective disasters.

These two history-defining efforts are not as unrelated as they might appear. In fact, space technology has been contributing to humanitarian initiatives since we started exploring our universe. But it’s always been an indirect byproduct of another goal.

SpaceUnited is based on the principle that space technology can and should be used for the sole purpose of improving humanitarian initiatives.

Satellite imagery should help disaster recovery become more efficient. Space-rated sustainable structures should help reduce worldwide homelessness. Telecommunication spacecraft should provide free internet access to those who are without it. The possibilities and need are endless.

And just like every other generation-defining cause, we invite the general public to stand with us in this movement. They are welcome to contribute in any way they can, whether it’s their time, effort, networking, or money.

We’re asking you to do the same. With your help, we’ll be able to cover our very low, efficient operating costs with private funding. This will allow us to further our mission by increasing donor trust since they will be assured that every cent that they donate will be applied directly to the humanitarian space mission of their choice.

Unite with us and the rest of the world as we explore space for good.