In 2010, the internet phenomenon and seminal web series Pure Pwnage with 3,000,000 fans was adapted for television. Co-creator and producer Geoff Lapaire, and co-producer Davin Lengyel turned their thoughts towards their next internet project. They formed Space Mop, and Geoff co-wrote, co-produced and directed Davin's sci-fi comedy concept Space Janitors - a tale of two janitors accidentally caught up in a galactic space opera.

Space Janitors established itself as the pair's second internet hit, finding a home on Felicia Day's Geek & Sundry and over 25 award nominations, including wins for the Canadian Screen Award and Canadian Comedy Award for best digital series. They continue developing numerous web series, including a gritty sci-fi named Squadron 86 and a musical comedy called Haunters - both recipients of backing from Canada's prestigious Independent Production Fund.

Space Mop's history in crowdfunding started with Geoff and Davin raising money for their own shows. Geoff was a part of raising over $200k for the next iteration of Pure Pwnage as a movie, and Geoff and Davin raised over $60k to assist in the production of the third season of Space Janitors. On the heels of those successful campaigns, Space Mop was hired by the producers of Corner Gas to manage their crowdfunding efforts in the summer of 2014. Corner Gas was the leading television comedy series in Canada for 6 seasons, but had been off the air for many years. The campaign was simultaneously a means of funding and, perhaps more importantly, an opportunity to reconnect with fans. The Space Mop team moved in to the production office of the Corner Gas movie, and spent three months designing all aspects of the Corner Gas campaign. It was a tremendous success, re-establishing a direct link with fans, providing once-in-a-lifetime and one-of-a-kind access to the production, and raising $300k.

That period of intense research, under the watchful eyes of many sophisticated stakeholders, left Space Mop with a rare and valuable set of skills. It was the only Canadian company with a keen understanding of how to prepare, message, launch, maintain, and fulfill a campaign aimed at a film and television project. The phone started ringing off the hook, but the Space Mop team was busy completing post production on two web series and ramping up production on a film. At the start of the summer of 2015, a window of opportunity finally opened to begin taking on campaigns. Davin reassembled the full management team behind the Corner Gas campaign, and work began on numerous high-profile film/TV and product campaigns due to launch in late 2015 and early 2016. Space Mop had opened up for business as Canada's leading team in crowdfunding campaign management services.