Founded in 2002, SparkLAN is one of the worldwide leading wireless networking solution providers, offering a comprehensive line of solutions to meet the prosperous needs in the growing broadband communication market. With quality wide-ranging products, proven manufacturing capability and professional customer-centric services, SparkLAN is surely your trustworthy partner to enable the powerful connections to the e-world with ease.

>>> Superior R&D and Technology Professionals
With the long-term commitment to R&D investment, it is the foundation of SparkLAN’s core competence to innovation. We develop quality products and solutions to address the hottest wireless broadband applications. More importantly, we offer unique and precise customization and consultancy with our experienced R&D expertise to meet the diversified demand from a wide range of markets and cost-effective requirements.

>>> Fast Response to Newest Technology
SparkLAN empowers to adopt the cutting-edge technology on solution development levered on the good relationships with the key chipset providers, such as Qualcomm and Ralink etc. With our dedication to WiFi industry and the proven track record of steady revenue growth over the years, SparkLAN has been recognized as a pioneer in catching up the newest technology and providing the full line-up of products to response the latest market’s needs.

>>> Fast Response to Newest Technology
SparkLAN offers complete products serve wireless broadband industry and  a comprehensive line of solutions for diversified M2M connectivity across the world . With the award-winning quality and innovative design, many of our products have been recognized by prestigious industry magazine awards and highly recommended by worldwide media. We have committed ourselves to improve and introduce the new products and solutions continuously to help customers pursue success.

>>> Proven Manufacturing and Logistics Capability
Subordinating to a worldwide tier one manufacturer, SparkLAN inherits professional knowledge and capability of manufacturing high quality products. With an excellent reputation of efficient logistics platform, inventory and supply chain management, we have been treated as a reliable and trusted business partner to provide on time delivery and full back-end support with high flexibility and commitments to our customers and business partners.

>>> Uncompromising Support and Services
In addition to the products and solutions, SparkLAN provides a broad range of support and services to our clients. We persist in supplying customers the best services by keeping uplifting our competences and improving the after-sales management system and process. Drawing on a unique combination of industry experience, business sharpness and technical knowledge, SparkLAN brings tailored value-added services to benefit customers’ business growth without compromise.

Over 13 years of deeply cultivating in the field of wireless broadband industry, SparkLAN has expended our business through complementary channels, i.e. directly through our own sales force and indirectly though global channel partners. We strive to strengthen our professionals and help our partners develop the skills and expertise they need to thrive to aim potential opportunity and capture the high growing market worldwide.