Specialist Dental Group™ has been established at the Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre in Singapore since 1979. The Group is one of the largest multidisciplinary dental specialist groups in Singapore and has the largest prosthodontics team in private practice in Singapore. This continues the strong tradition of the clinic's founder, Dr Henry Lee, who placed the first dental implants in Singapore over 25 years ago.

The clinic was renamed Specialist Dental Group™ in 2008. According to Specialist Dental Group™ Directors, Dr. Ansgar C. Cheng and Dr. Neo Tee Khin, the change of name was to better reflect the breadth and depth of the clinic’s dental team. The Group comprises dentists who have been internationally trained/ qualified in the areas of prosthodontics (teeth replacement), periodontics (gum treatment), orthodontics (braces) and oral & maxillofacial surgery.

"Our additional location also means that we can provide the depth and breath of our specialist team under one roof," said Dr. Cheng. According to them, the idea of a multi-disciplinary practice arose due to the higher demand and expectation of their patients. "Having all our specialists in one practice improves communication among them resulting in an excellent standard of care and convenience for our patients," added Dr. Neo.

Members of the clinic's specialist team are active in teaching, speaking at international conferences and publishing clinical articles about their research and clinical experience with different dental procedures.