Specialty Components has over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing precision air bearings and metal optics. Standard product lines include linear, spherical and cylindrical air bearings as well as diamond point turned off-axis parabolic, flat and spherical mirrors.
Our micromachined surfaces find use in areas such as infrared (IR) metal optics and precision assemblies. Select from our common forms of Aluminum flats, spherics and off-axis paraboloids for fast turn-around and low cost or contact us with your specific application requirement. Our experienced engineering staff will helpfully assist you with a solution.
When precision positioning of optical components is required, our versatile air bearings can provide a fitting solution. Nanometric accuracy about a single rotational axis is attained using our cylindrical air bearing turntables and spindles. With our introduction of standard configurations nearly 15 years ago, our spherical air bearings have become very popular in the commercial and academic aerospace communities for frictionless multiaxis rotation. Our standard LRA series linear air bearings are offered in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your application using either porous carbon surface or discrete inlets air sourcing.
Our customer-centric philosophy is the cornerstone of all activities within our organization and this is seen in our mission and values. While our mission sets our goal, our values define the directions we take in satisfying our customer's requirements.

Our company's mission  

We are committed to advancing the performance of our customers’ products or applications by using our knowledge of air bearing design and metal optics manufacture to innovatively provide precision components of unequaled value.

Ethical business practice

Truth and honesty in all activities is fundamentally necessary in order to nourish a respectful customer relationship.  Each concern or request is treated with careful and considerate diligence.


No matter where or how our products are applied, they will outperform the stated requirements.  This statement is the building block from which all design and manufacturing criteria are developed.