US Company located in Norcross,GA USA.
Manufacturer of the ThunderBolt Storm Detector.
ThunderBolt is US Made.

Company is ready to partner with other companies seeking an OEM solution in the weather sensor category.

Specifics of ThunderBolt Technology

Why is it important for you to be your own portable weather station? Three reasons. First, other weather sources may not be accessible. Secondly, other storm warning sources are too general and not specific to your location.

Most important, storm conditions can change very rapidly in your immediate area, much faster than regional or national weather reporting systems can relay the information and react. But ThunderBolt reacts instantly to all storm data it receives. This means that your ThunderBolt puts you at the center of the data and gives you immediate information about the changing conditions around you. That’s why you need ThunderBolt, a portable weather station in the palm of your hand.

Through the application of advanced electronics and proprietary software, ThunderBolt Storm Detector detects, identifies and tracks all storm activity within 75 miles of your location. Using a high-sensitivity receiver and ferrite antenna, ThunderBolt detects electromagnetic field emissions from lightning activity within a storm cell. It then converts this data into digital signals and feeds them to its microprocessor for analysis.

In addition to identifying the waveforms characteristic of storm activity, ThunderBolt performs continuous analysis of background electromagnetic interference (EMI) at your location.

This function is critical for minimizing false triggering, and maintaining accuracy of storm warning data. Upon detection, storm cell movements are tracked and continuously updated with approach speed and ETA at user location, and displayed on its 2x16 LCD text screen.

The proprietary software also identifies mulitiple storm situations, and the presence of supercells or squall lines. Warning of these additional dangerous weather phenomena is displayed on the text screen. ThunderBolt has two different levels of automatic storm warning, audible and visible, which may be programmed using the audible tone and red LED’s. This allows for maximum flexibility in a wide variety of applications where different warning times are required. The ThunderBolt portable weather station operates up to 75 hours on a single 9-volt battery.

   * Storm and Lightning Detection Range
     75 Miles (120 km in metric version)
   * Automatically Displays:
         o Ranging
         o Storm approach speed
         o E.T.A. at User Location
         o Time to Clear
         o Severe Storm/Squall Line Detection
   * Detection Frequency: 10 kHz
   * Computer analysis and detection of squall lines and severe storm cells
   * Automatic background noise analysis and filtering
   * Warning modes
         o Text messages via 2 x 16 LCD
         o Red LED Warning light
         o Audible tone
   * User selectable warning modes and frequencies
   * Power supply: One 9V battery (50 Hours+ of operation)
   * 120 VAC adapter or 220 VAC adapter
   * Size: 6.4" x 3.4" x 1.5"; Weight: 14 oz.

Armed Forces • Utilities • Municipalities
Parks and Recreation • Schools/Universities
Youth Sports • Mining/Refineries