SpeedCoach.Biz announces the availability of a new consulting service especially for start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses under $2 million in annual revenues.  

Most consulting services try to maximize their consulting engagements.  SpeedCoach.Biz is moving consulting in the other direction.  With a price point that makes the service affordable for virtually every entrepreneur, SpeedCoach.Biz gives everybody the opportunity to receive professional consulting from an MBA.  SpeedCoach.Biz offers consulting sessions at $20 for 15 minutes.  Small business owners and start-up entrepreneurs will see incredible value in this approach.  The service is even guaranteed.

"The vast majority of small businesses are smaller than most people think," says founder Will Katz.  "Approximately 75% of the roughly 30 million businesses in the United States are non-employers.  More than 90% of all businesses do less than $500,000 in annual sales."  

SpeedCoach.Biz specializes in providing exceptional value through consulting engagements with the silent and vast majority of small businesses, micro-enterprises, and aspiring entrepreneurs.  One can learn more and/or set up a consulting appointment at http://www.speedcoach.biz/.