Dr. Lorna Speid's Bio 

Lorna Speid, B.Pharm.(Hons). M.R.Pharm.S., Ph.D., RAC is President of Speid & Associates, Inc. a regulatory and drug development consultancy based in San Diego, California.  She works with small and large pharmaceutical companies, assisting them at the various stages of the drug development process, including US, European, international and global strategic regulatory affairs. Dr. Speid has an excellent track record of success in regulatory affairs, and is considered an expert in her field. She has registered therapeutics internationally, and has experience with all the major regulatory authorities. She has experience with many therapeutic areas including oncology, diabetes and pulmonary.

Dr. Speid began her career as a pharmacist in the UK, after which she completed a Ph.D. at the Centre for Medicines Research International, into the Safety Assessment of Medicines, Pre and Post Marketing. She has worked for large as well as small pharma companies, including Sanofi Winthrop in the UK (now Sanofi-Aventis), Ciba Geigy and Novartis in Switzerland (at Headquarters).  Small companies that she has worked for include Valentis, Inc. (Director of Regulatory Affairs), NewBiotics (Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Project Management), and Avera, Inc. (Vice President of Regulatory Affairs). Dr. Speid was an officer at the last two companies.  She has a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of London, UK (Kings College), and a Ph.D. from the University of Wales, College Cardiff, UK.