Spellbound is a “curator of collaboration.” We establish expert innovation teams
who work closely with clients to foster and inspire a replicable culture of
creative ideas and solutions. We passionately nurture, teach and collaborate in
a down to earth manner to create breakthroughs in process, products and
communications. Often, our clients look to us to take on their toughest
challenges because we are able to deploy proven approaches to ideation, new
product development, manufacturing, training and communications.
Spellbound builds innovation teams that drive growth and enterprise value for
corporations who seek to manage risk, operate more efficiently and enhance
the value of their highly respected brands. We inspire new ideas and products,
uniting multi-disciplinary expert teams with internal company resources to
deliver scalable solutions that can be easily introduced globally across
employee populations.

We function as a creative hub deploying the “Power of Many Minds,” or POMM
Team, a talented network of experienced strategists, designers, engineers,
manufacturers and supply chain experts to deliver new products, services,
processes and better solutions and more effective employee communications.
As uber-project managers, we enjoy outstanding relationships with
procurement and operations executives who respect our professionalism and

In many cases, Spellbound helps clients compete in mature markets by
deepening customer relationships, ensuring employee loyalty and enhancing
brand value. We are proud of our history as a leader in brand protection via
safety and risk management solutions and embrace our future by expanding
into marketing and sales solutions, technological and new product concepts.
Based on our 30 years of experience, Spellbound has developed a proprietary
ideation process that is dynamic, focused and designed to optimize business
performance and build enterprise value.

The process starts with “Discovery,” when a combination of strategists and industry experts ensure the accurate gathering of information to define the precise challenge, and to benchmark success measures. The “Spellbound Ideation Leader,” will then distill the information and craft an overarching mission and purpose for the POMM Ideation Team. In the “Team Architecture” phase we bring together a custom, multi-disciplinary POMM Team, to inspire the development of ideas to support the mission. In “Nurture and Inspire phase,” we facilitate an open environment for combined client and project teams to cover the walls with ideas and until we have a narrow selection of the most promising solutions that may range from client core initiatives to ideas that are transformational and even potentially disruptive. In the “Breakthrough” Phase we look to the subject matter experts to make the final determinations based on realistic assessments of resources, manufacturing specifications, budgets, timing and other operating factors.