Spines & Spirit is a collective of alternative health professionals based in Bellingen NSW offering the ultimate in physical & emotional healing.

Our practitioners utilize a number of powerful, cutting-edge techniques to deal effectively with physical and emotional issues.

For emotional issues, we use the Mace Energy Method™

Stafford University in England, awarded Dr John Mace a PhD for his groundbreaking research, which lead him to develop the Mace Energy Method (MEM™) with its purpose:

"to assist people to be in control of their own lives and dreams".

Used now by trained Practitioners around the world, MEM™ is a powerful healing tool that is having remarkable positive effects on peoples’ lives and only requires very few sessions, sometimes only one (see testimonials).

MEM™ frees clients from any unwanted negative feeling, no matter what it is, without talking about it.

Our current MEM practitioners are Sean Lyons I.A.C.P,Jamie MacDonald I.A.C.P and Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes I.A.C.P.

All practitioners have been individually trained by John Avery, the Senior Practitioner and trainer on the East Coast, are fully certified and members of the Independent Association of Counseling Professionals.

For physical ailments, our practitioners use a range of techniques including Shiatsu, Facial Harmony and the very effective Neural Organizational Technique (N.O.T.), formulated by Dr Carl A. Ferreri D.C.

Sean Lyons received his training in N.O.T. from Bernard Carson and Peter Erickson D.C. He has around fifteen years experience as a bodyworker, in a range of modalities (Zen Shiatsu, Facial Harmony, Touch for Health, N.O.T. and Robert Kidd's work)

Atalanta Lloyd-Haynes has completed 12 months of study in Kinesiology with Robert Kidd (Healing Arts of Australia), and will undertake N.O.T. training with Bernard Carson and Peter Erickson D.C. in late 2009, early 2010