Spirit Quest Tours is a unique travel company that creates life-changing spiritual, cultural and educational trips to the world's greatest destinations: Egypt, Bali, Hawaii, China, The Holy Land and Central America. We offer exclusive, private site visits, world famous expert presentations, compelling guides, intimate cultural experiences and luxurious accommodations.

Our Mission: To further peace, prosperity, cultural exchange and the evolution of consciousness, through travel, travel products, expertise and guidance.

Our Tours: Bali, Egypt, China, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Israel, The Sinai.
The Spirit of Moses (Egypt, Sinai)
The Spirit of Ancient Egypt
Eat, Pray and Love in Bali
Divine Alignment Hawaii
The Sacred Balinese Mandala Pilgrimage
The Spirit of the Holy Land (Israel)
Parliament of the World Religions; Melbourne & Sydney, Australia
Sacred Sites of China
Flavors of Burgundy & Provence
Grand Catholic Italy: The Passion Play - Oberammergau, 2010

We love people and countries and culture. We love the ways in which people pray, and eat, and live. We love to learn: languages, customs, stories. We love to figure out where the coolest, most unique things are to be found. And most of all we love to share what we've learned with you.

Spirit Quest Tours is dedicated to transforming the world by transforming consciousness through the deep spiritual experience of initiation and pilgrimage. After more than a decade of  personal, sacred travel, we're blessed to share these remarkable, transformative journeys.

We offer life-changing, heart-opening, pilgrimages through the energy centers and sacred sites of the world. From a blessing ceremony in the inner courtyard of a Balinese Temple to a private initiation in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid, our groups are treated to incredible and exclusive experiences.

Our philosophy is simple: excite the mind, pamper the spirit, challenge the body and inflame the soul. From the five star accommodations to the deeply moving initiations, everything about Spirit Quest Tours is carefully designed to create a unique, life-changing experience.
We believe it's important that the things we do benefit everyone involved and help to create an equitable, peaceful and sustainable world. So we carbon offset your travel (and invite you to join us), collect donations for overseas charities, and offer a very generous affiliate fee for referrals and group trips.