The Spiritual Goat Giver.
I am The Spiritual Goat Giver. I travel to rural America and seek those families with children that are having a difficult time making it and feeding their family. I bring to them goats, chickens and other farm animals along with fencing, coops, feed, education and consultants to assist them in developing their own sustainable means to not only feed their family but to learn to earn money from the sustainable business that is successful. My goal is always that no child goes to bed hungry. The sustainable goats, etc., are not for eating but to produce milk, cheese, eggs and a business that can improve the lives of the entire family. I ask nothing for this assistance but to know that the family and children always have milk to drink and eggs to eat at the very least and the parents have a way to build self worth and esteem and improve the lives around them. Hope you like it. Dr. M.