Healthy and natural shouldn't have to be bland and boring.  That's the vision behind the latest product from innovative industrial design and product development firm Cardboard Helicopter, The Splash Infuser is a beverage device that gives any health or flavor-conscious person a quick and easy way to infuse drinks with health, natural ingredients.  The company announced that they recently began a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to produce the first run of the product here in the USA.  

“A great deal of thought has gone into every aspect of the Splash, from design to functionality to manufacturing, and I am so excited to finally get it into people’s hands,” commented Tim Hayes, Founder and CEO of Cardboard Helicopter.  “I know once they see and use the Splash, it's going to absolutely be a huge success.”

According to the company, the inspiration to create the product was the growing number of “foodies” and health-lovers who were using items like mason jars and store bought water infusers to flavor their drinks.  In most instances, their beverage took way too long to infuse, or in the case of the store bought water enhancers, it was packed with chemicals and far from healthy.  The Splash, which is a capsule based device, solves these two concerns, elegantly producing healthy drinks by utilizing natural ingredients in a quick and easy to use manner.  The lid of the product even doubles as a muddler, allowing the user to mash the ingredients, producing infused drinks rapidly.

While the product is expected to be extremely popular with customers who are trying to drink more water, it also can serve to make fruit infused vodka and other mixed drinks in a way that's much healthier than commercially produced options. Support is needed to bring Splash into the marketplace. If you’d like to donate (and get cool rewards), please visit their Kickstarter page at splashinfuser.com.